Cruise Pics

   Norwegian Breakaway - Feb 21-28, 2016

        Breakaway Cruise, NYC, Florida and The Bahamas

Pool Install Project

        Inground Pool - Step by Step

Timberwolves U13 Soccer Pictures

   Spring 2015 Pictures

        Presidents Cup 2015, Cranberry Township, PA

        State Cup 2015, West Virginia

Enviro Pellet Stove Videos

    Flame Videos

        Early Video 1
        Early Video 2
        Early Video 3
        Early Video 4

        Flame Heat Setting 1
        Flame Heat Setting 2
        Flame Heat Setting 3
        Flame Heat Setting 4
        Flame Heat Setting 5
        Flame Heat Setting 5 after vent cleaning
        Groaning Sound



        StringFest 2015

        Katelyn 8th Grade Graduation and Dance

Note: Some of the more personal albums are password protected. Please email Steve (you should have his address) for the password to view protected albums. Sorry for the extra step.